Bassist in Tucson Arizona area - Johnny Walker. Bass player available for studio work, recording, and collaboration.
bassist in Tucson Arizona AZ

Spring is springing and the calendar is filling. Donít miss the upcoming Kentucky Derby event at Brother Johnís on May 4th. Iíll be there with Funk Society featuring vocalist extraordinaire, Krystil Jayde. Also, Funk Society 2.0 featuring Phil Davis and Lamont Arthur will be playing there throughout the coming weeks. Check the calendar for the dates. Iíll also be playing with the Larry Redhouse Trio an event for the Sculpture Society at Brandi Fenton Park in April! R. Carlos Nakai will be making an appearance at the Farmerís Market at Rillito Park on the morning of April 14th, and Iíll be there with him, Will Clipman, and others. Hope to see you out and about!

Peace, Johnny

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